Our main goal is to make you into a marketing super hero.

Does that sound weird?

95% of Agencies Have No Technical Expertise.

We're Not One of Them.


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Cohort Marketing is a Hubspot marketing and sales Partner Agency located in western New Hampshire, U.S.

Our team consists of website and marketing developers, content writers, PPC experts, and a world-class photographer.

Our primary concern is helping you achieve your marketing and sales goals.

If you buy without knowing the value you're getting, and are not totally delighted, we know you're going to cut and run at your earliest opportunity. 

Helping clients to get leads, convert them into customers, and streamline their sales processes always has been our primary passion. Our relationship with Hubspot allows us to excel by being able to deliver marketing strategies and initiatives that help your company grow and save costs by producing positive marketing ROI. 

We do think we have amazing expertise in many areas and can prove it. But if you call us, we're going to spend at least the first 30 minutes with you listening to your pain points and hearing what you're trying to solve. And until we're sure we understand, we're not going to push anything onto you. 

How does that sound?


John Pate

Founder, CEO | @PateJohnC

john-presenting.jpgJohn Pate, is founder of Cohort Marketing.

John also is founder of an active B2B networking and educational Hubspot User GroupThis organization has a distinct mission to help New Hampshire and Vermont businesses grow through digital marketing.

He is a visionary leader in Hubspot's website development and participates in two beta testing committees, serves on the KCIA technical committee, and is a favorite guest speaker on digital marketing, website development, and sales processes. 

He is married, a father of two, a marathoner and competes with a local running club, a cyclist, and enjoys getting outdoors hiking and backpacking.

Growth Driven Design certification