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While we have clients all over the world, we are by far the most capable digital agency in Raleigh, NC. We are industry leaders in full-funnel, multi-channel digital marketing. We're also a Hubspot Partner agency. 

Our service offerings range from in-house "done-for-you" marketing campaigns to full CMO agreements and media buying. 

We enjoy Preferred Vendor status of many big brands and have many case studies showing we can deliver exponential ROI for our customers both in lead-gen and in e-commerce. Our niches include: Law firms, tech companies, health care, pharma, manufacturing, e-commerce, and more.

Digital marketing is only about 25 years old. Largely because it's new, digital marketing is evolving at a pace that will outrun any one person.  We are not a typical "9 to 5" punch the clock organization. We work on demand, getting stuff done at crazy times when others may be asleep. And because we maintain a non-traditional work culture, if one of our team members wants to take the dog for a walk or take a nap, they are welcome to do so.

We treat digital marketing for what it is: a data-driven science -- We're required to both know the technologies that produce results and being able to execute them for any given company. We understand that while some tactic may be in vogue, or has become a trend, or has worked well for some company or niche, that doesn't mean it may work as well for you.

The vast landscape of 'digital' encompasses strategies and tactics but also includes tools, channels, sub-channels, and individual applications of any of these resources for any given company to maximize results and ROI.

While we are mainly a digital agency, we'll output in both print and digital formats when such media would produce a branding benefit for a certain company or vertical.

We offer lead and sales generation using all 8 digital marketing channels. We have been a Hubspot inbound agency for years, and are very comfortable working in obscure but highly viable tactics, often developing a plan to cross-target these channels, casting as wide a net as possible so you can capture the greatest percentage of your target market.

In the end, while digital marketing is a highly complex and involved process, marketing itself is simply getting the right message to the right audience at the right time. Winning that game every day is what fuels us; it's what we live for.

We have set the following standards for our company and strive to deliver them as our pledge to you:

  • The Golden Rulenot only do we seek to treat you as we'd treat ourselves, we go above and beyond, delivering the same tactics and "secret sauce" we use for our own marketing.
  • We treat you as a human, not as a commodity, or a means to reap a profit. 
  • We strive for excellence in every way. We discard mediocrity whenever or where ever we discover it; we are constantly improving our processes. 
  • We choose our clients wisely, wanting each to feel a part of our larger family. Client retention is important to us. 

Our team consists of a passionate gang of website and digital ads strategists, creative artists, inbound marketing developers, content writers, PPC experts, a video team, and one truly awesome world-class photographer.

We are passionate about what we do. Coincidentally, we are looking for passionate people we can work with and who will work with us. 

Our primary concern is helping you achieve your marketing and sales goals.

If you buy without knowing the value you're getting, and are not totally delighted, we know you're going to cut and run at your earliest opportunity. 

We do think we have amazing expertise in many areas and can prove it. But if you call us, we're going to spend time with you listening to you and hearing what you're trying to solve. And until we're sure we understand, we're not going to push anything onto you or take your money.



john-presenting.jpgJohn Pate, is the visionary founder of Cohort Marketing—a company that provides digital marketing solutions to a wide audience from solopreneurs to big brands. 

John also is founder of an active B2B networking and educational Hubspot User Group. This organization has a distinct mission to help other businesses grow through digital marketing.

He is a thought-leader in business development—the secrets on how to grow and scale your business in today's competitive and ever-changing digital environment, and how to cultivate a culture of success to produce wealth in every area of your life.  

He participates in two Hubspot beta testing committees, serves on the KCIA apostolic technical committee, coaches small businesses and solopreneurs on how to grow and scale their businesses, and is a favorite guest speaker at both church and business venues. 

He is married, a father of two, a marathoner and competes with a local running club, a cyclist, and enjoys getting outdoors hiking and backpacking.