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From time to time, we've struggled on how to identify our agency. We started off calling ourselves a "web development agency." That didn't last too long because just about every client asked us the same question: "How much more business will we get from our new website?" We didn't know but realized if we were to take people's money, we needed to solve their problems. 

In our first attempt to solve, we became a "Hubspot agency." That affiliation became part of our branding. It wasn't that hard to enter the realm of inbound. We already knew what a blog article was and knew a few other things and so it was learning and building. Time-consuming, but not that stressful.


But our clients wanted ROI. They wanted pretty much to know that if they were going to pay money, they should get a return, and get it rather quickly. So late in 2016, we started more seriously looking at Facebook ads as our "front door" solution.

IN ALL HONESTY WE BET THE BUSINESS ON Facebook™ ads. It's one thing to take a stab at Facebook™ marketing for your own business. It's yet another thing to do it for clients—to tell them we were going to build their fortunes with FB ads. 

If anyone is reading this thinking, "I can become a FB marketer" by taking a $50 course or reading a bunch of garbage on the Internet, you're either mis-informed or deluded or worse. I spent tens of thousands of dollars, hiring consultants, hiring people, planning, executing, and selling nothing. From an ethical standpoint, FB ads needed to work for us before we could tell some client, "FB is great, you should buy now!" 

I spent months waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat thinking about my business and all the steps I needed to take to become successful at growing Cohort Marketing using FB ads. I had spent so much money I didn't know if we were going to go out of business. If it didn't work for us, I wasn't going to sell it. We needed to become crazy successful at this before we could tell our clients, "This works. Get it now." I knew if we could crush this, then we could stop cold-calling, cold-emailing, or worrying about prospecting altogether. 

FAST FORWARD: We are now getting so much new business we struggle to handle the leads that pour in each day. Lead generation is no long an issue—not at all. Scaling is our issue. 

And our process now is simple. We do for our clients what we've done for ourselves. I don't know if I would buy from an agency who doesn't practice what they preach. Somehow, it just doesn't make sense. 


Our team consists of a passionate gang of website and Facebook ads strategists, creative artists, inbound marketing developers, content writers, PPC experts, a videographer, and one truly awesome world-class photographer.

We hire only the most talented and dedicated team members. Our unorthodox culture doesn't fit well into the mold of the typical 40 hour work week. We may work 40 hours per week, or 70, or 20—depending on the demands we place on ourselves. We know that developing high quality creatives when you're tired doesn't work. 

We are passionate about what we do. Coincidentally, we are looking for passionate people we can work with and who will work with us. 

Our primary concern is helping you achieve your marketing and sales goals.

If you buy without knowing the value you're getting, and are not totally delighted, we know you're going to cut and run at your earliest opportunity. 

Helping clients to get leads, convert them into customers, and streamline their sales processes always has been our primary passion. We excel by being able to deliver marketing strategies and initiatives that help your company grow and save costs by producing positive marketing ROI. 

We do think we have amazing expertise in many areas and can prove it. But if you call us, we're going to time with you listening to you and hearing what you're trying to solve. And until we're sure we understand, we're not going to push anything onto you. 

How does that sound?

John Pate

Founder, CEO | @PateJohnC



john-presenting.jpgJohn Pate, is the visionary founder of Cohort Marketing—a company that provides digital marketing solutions to a wide audience from solopreneurs to 2B publicly traded tech companies. 

John also is founder of an active B2B networking and educational Hubspot User Group. This organization has a distinct mission to help other businesses grow through digital marketing.

He is a thought-leader in business development—the secrets on how to grow and scale your business in today's competitive and ever-changing digital environment, and how to cultivate a culture of success to produce wealth in every area of your life.  

He participates in two Hubspot beta testing committees, serves on the KCIA technical committee, coaches small businesses and solopreneurs on how to grow and scale their businesses, and is a favorite guest speaker on generating revenue through digital marketing.  

He is married, a father of two, a marathoner and competes with a local running club, a cyclist, and enjoys getting outdoors hiking and backpacking.

Growth Driven Design certification