Combining Inbound with Agile Delivers Results

Inbound Marketing with Agile:


Agile marketing is our core approach to delivering the results you want. We function on collaboration and monitoring your business’s metrics to be sure we're meeting your business goals. Rather than locking you into a fixed plan, we constantly watch metrics, evaluate your tactics and then tweak those tactics to attract more website visitors and convert them into leads, driving more closed deals and increased sales growth.


  • Planning and Strategy 
  • Achievable Goals
  • Your Marketing Story
  • Agile Execution
  • Analyzing Results
  • Optimizing for More Closed Sales

Agile Marketing is Driven by Goals and Value, not by Deliverables


What’s more important... how many blog articles, email blasts, or social posts you create, or the results you get from them? Most all traditional marketing agencies focus on deliverables. They push out promotional material like radio commercials and print ads, hoping against hope, someone will respond and buy.

Measuring results of traditional marketing is almost impossible and of those methods that exist, their reliability is sketchy.

Agile marketing is a data driven, value-centered, and highly flexible approach. With Agile, it's easy to reallocate your marketing initiatives if you have an upcoming event or need to focus on something that's time-driven.

"Story point pricing:" Our Agile process isn't based on hourly rates, it's based on a system that runs on “story points.” With Agile, you can reallocate story points according to needs and goals. During a trade show, for example, maybe you don’t need a blog article or as many social posts to go out that week—so you reallocate those “story points” and apply them to what’s important for that time frame: lead capture at your trade show.




Our Plan for Success



Inbound always starts with your buyer personas. Why are your prospects heading to the Internet in the first place? What are they trying to solve?


Their pain points and their search for solutions will then define your marketing story.


Your story will help provide solutions and guide them in taking next steps. When your story solves, you’ll generate huge quantities of leads.


The data is proof what you’re doing is working or not. If the data suggests change, we quickly change the elements of your story to deliver better results. That’s Agile marketing.