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Companies who are going to survive the coming 2020 marketing tsunami are acting today. By 2020, the SaaS landscape will have changed drastically. Today, we understanding digital marketing revolves around software. Tomorrow, digital marketing will revolve around the right software and those savvy enough to utilize it.

Today, there are about 200 CRM apps on the market [source: G2Crowd]. We think that by 2020 and beyond, there will be two: Salesforce and Hubspot Sales Professional. Pipedrive, Zoho, etc. will be acquired, along with their customers, and the rest simply will fail to scale and be gone. Remember Netscape Navigator?

Now is the time to get organized, track things, and adopt an agile playbook so your marketing will pay off bigger and bigger dividends in the future.

Hubspot Sales Professional* is not just a CRM. It is an evolving sales and database-driven software suite that will get you and your team organized, equipped, and prepared for your potential future growth.

More Information and How to Buy

1) Organize Every Detail About Your Prospects and Customers

Create custom everything:

  • Contact properties.
  • Deal stages.
  • Assign user roles and assign reps to leads.
  • And much more.

You’ll basically live inside your CRM portal. Create a “sticky” note about key details of a lead so you’ll have easy access to conversational cues as the sale progresses.

Create deal stages and move leads through deal stages using either the “Kanban” style board or the table view.

new-hubspot-graphs.png2) Automation and Management Tools

Forecast deals, schedule email sends, integrate automated email sequences—all right inside your CRM.

3) Automated Deals Creation

Set up rules to create deals according to a lead’s potential to buy.

4) Productivity Tools: Meetings, Templates, Sequences, and Inbox Integration

Send email, make calls, schedule meetings.

Sequences allows sales teams to create, schedule, and send emails automatically. Sequences cease upon a lead’s interaction, avoiding the, “hi, please buy this” email that arrives after a lead has become a customer.

5) Predictive Lead Scoring

Score leads automatically. Why not pursue only the best leads? Backburner those leads who are not ready to buy.

6) Conversations App

Conversations is a part of the new Hubspot sales professional suite that can all but replace your inbox.

Conversations stores all communication with your customers and your team in one central place. No more searching through various apps (email, chat, database) to recall a key conversation.

7) Automation Rules and Bots

Bots are the future of prospecting. Leads more and more resist picking up the phone to call, but they will use online chat.

Since you’re only open during business hours but the Internet is open 24/7, you potentaill can lose sales unless you hire an (expensive) call center or—use a bot.

8) Motion AI

motion-ai.pngHubspot recently acquired Motion AI and you get it with Hubspot sales professional.

Welcome to the world of chatbots. The new interface will allow you to build stunning chatbot apps with no technical knowledge.

9) Customer Hub

Think “help desk on steroids.” Acquire insights on customers. This new app will transform a nominal chat session into a customer case that can be managed and solved.

10) Integrates with Everything: Hubspot Marketing

Hubspot's new sales portal is fully integrated into Hubspot Marketing and the powerful Hubspot CMS using just one, powerful database. While standalone apps such as Salesforce can be connected to Hubspot Market via an API, it’s more viable to have everything under one roof—no connections to fail or get corrupted.

E-Commerce anyone? By far the most powerful e-comm suite on the market is Shopify. Hubspot sales professional now is integrated with Shopify. What’s that mean? It means that all leads, abandoned carts, etc., can be funneled into Hubspot, allowing you to leverage the most powerful marketing tool on the planet for online sales.

More Information and How to Buy

* Some features are still in beta as of the publish date of this article. All features will be rolled out as they become available.

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