The next step in using a persona to target leads requires that you nail a keyword strategy. Targeting leads using a persona forms the foundation of an inbound strategy while a specific keyword strategy supplies the SEO juice to attract them.

One SEO mistake tech companies often make—whether they are software, tech manufacturing, med-tech, pharmaceutical, or even consulting companies, is believing they need to use articles only containing technical keywords. To capture leads for tech companies requires matching the right series of keywords to the right persona. Who are your end users? If your audience is only comprised of researchers, you might go heavy on technical terminology, but otherwise, probably not. 

Your inbound campaigns need to attract visitors to your blog or social networks in order for you to get leads. To attract your key persona to what you publish on the web, you’re going to have to anticipate the keyword phrases your persona will search for on the Internet. They’ll then search for solutions to key questions they have. Once they find you and your solutions, you’ll acquire leads. Here are 3 SEO tips for tech companies that will help you nail a keyword strategy to capture more leads from your content. 

Step 1) Mobilize Your Sales Team

This should be fun. Gather your sales team and ask them to compile a list of ten key questions your best prospects are asking about your products, services, or your company. Have each sales person submit his or her list blindly without discussing with their colleagues. Make sure they list their responses in order of the most frequently sought solution first. You’ll be surprised how similar each list will be! 

Make sure the questions they list are solution-based. Potential leads will first come to you trying to find solutions. Then, have the team write down the keywords you think these prospects are are searching looking for. Lastly, compile the list so that you have an aggregate list of those ten top questions with their matching keywords.

Step 2) Tech Blogs

It helps if you’re trying to capture leads for tech companies to know the buzz. And It’s always nice to see what the competition is doing. Check a number of blogs on the Internet. You’ll quickly get an idea of who the thought leaders are because those blogs will be the most active (have the most comments). 

For each article, make some notes about what you think the solution is the article addresses. Using the same methodology as you did for your sales team, reduce those solutions to ten workable keyword phrases. 

Lastly, see which of those keywords align with the ten keywords your sales team provided. Add the ones that match the questions your prospects are asking to your master list, and you’re solidly on the path to nailing a keyword strategy.

Step 3) Social Media

Now you’re going to compile a list of ten keywords from a little social media research. We still use LinkedIn for keyword research but we find Twitter far more productive. Nevertheless, find some LinkedIn blogs pertaining to your industry. You’re looking for the “buzz” – what everyone is talking about and the questions they're asking. 

Twitter: Search Twitter using hashtags. Enter some terms and don’t forget to geo-target if you’re a local or regional company to see what your competition is doing. Lastly, see how keywords from your social research agree with your other two searches above.


While there are some high-performing SaaS software solutions like Hubspot or SEMRush available that will help with research, you’ll still need to do the basic hands-on research above. And, above all, you'll want to base your strategy on your persona(s).

Now that you have your list of ten keywords, use them in everything publish. Make sure you use each keyword in several subsequent posts. The more you use any one keyword, the better Google will rank it. As each keyword’s ranking increases, your publications to display higher and higher on search engine results pages (SERPS). This is a long game. If you stick with this strategy you will achieve #1 ranking on many keywords, helping you get a real edge over your competition.  

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