We all know the Internet is overloaded with helpful tips on how to enter the digital age of marketing and sales. It’s not what to do that can be confusing, but where to start.

Commercial Construction SEO simply means taking the necessary steps to transforming your website into your super efficient, 24/7 sales person.

I’m all about taking programmatic steps and proving ROI. Taking predictive steps not only saves you from a bad investment but also simply removes stress.

The four key steps I’m about to share can result is massive business growth especially if you’ve not yet executed construction company SEO best practices or some things need to be improved.

How to Know if You Need Help?

Simple, fast, and accurate self-assessments can be done using a number of online tools. For starters, we like Website Grader for commercial construction SEO. Just go there, enter your URL, and view the results. Think of this as a grade for a college course. A bad grade means you have lots of room for success.

Construction company SEO has been both misinterpreted and under-rated. Today, combining inbound marketing strategies with SEO produces a level of growth potential that’s deadly to your competition.

1) Persona

Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left.” Seth Godin, Author, Tribes. Content marketing is not just about content. It’s about targeting your content to your idea customer, your persona.

I’ve written a lot about commercial construction SEO and why it’s so important to focus on personas first. If you do nothing else, your first step is to either create a persona or fine tune the one you have. By “create,” I mean write it down. Who is your best customer? Why would they want your services? What things would attract them to you rather than any of your competitors?

2) Keywords

The next important step to getting leads using commercial construction SEO is to find the right keywords. Keywords simply are short snippets of text people search for on the Internet to find you. Like a persona, it’s important to use the right keywords.

In times past, construction company SEO meant sticking keywords here and there, often in the wrong places, on your website in an attempt to trick search engines into boosting your ranking. All those ideas are dead now, and actually can hurt your ranking.

The trick to using the right keywords is finding one both that your persona(s) are searching for and that are easy to rank for. Often, you can’t go wrong by carefully choosing good long-tail keywords.

3) Content

It may seem hard to understand, but without content, not only is there no marketing platform, there’s no SEO either. Writing good content is vital. You’ll need to post at least one blog article every week, on schedule, using good keywords in places like the article title and meta tags, and targeting your persona with topics that will attract and interest them.

Commercial construction SEO only works if your content is attractive enough for real people to click on when they search. You can nail down your content marketing with a few repeatable steps:

  1. Create a content calendar.
  2. Create a series of about a dozen titles addressing the pain points of your persona.
  3. Also add to your calendar the day you are doing to write the draft of your article and the day you’ll review and post it.
  4. Use best practices by including a relevant image in the post and writing to your persona, not boasting about your company’s abilities or track record.
  5. Share content that would interest your persona on social networks. According to construction industry SEO benchmarks, if you’re not on social, you’re losing about 20% of potential new leads.

4) Conversion Paths

A conversion path literally is the route a website visitor takes to become a lead. The better the strategy and the more often it is analyzed and refined, the better the visitor to lead conversion ratio.

Conversion paths form the bridge between SEO, content marketing and inbound marketing. Content marketing is about deliverables like blog articles and social posts. SEO optimizes for conversions. Inbound accomplishes the conversions through things like strategic use of calls-to-actions (CTAs) and landing pages.

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