Forecast Results Before You Buy

We’ve been on the track for a long time seeking to prove the effectiveness of digital marketing. By “prove” I mean we want to be able show the ROI, number of leads, and costs associated with any digital marketing effort.

You’ve had the salesperson walk in and say, “Hey you should be advertising on Facebook™ or Instagram™ or you should do an update to your website. And you’ve probably thrown money at such enticements and become the poorer for it.

It’s yet another thing to say, “Before you spend any money, we want to show you the results you should anticipate.

It's All About Traffic

Web dev people are always talking about Google Analytics and monthly traffic. But all advertising is about traffic. All good marketing starts with traffic.

And It's a Numbers Game

This video is a walk through of a major piece of software we use to predict results from digital marketing. We take your KPIs and all your numbers, input them, and return the results you should expect from your marketing investment.

Digital marketing is all about the numbers, not just tracking results—which is what you hear all the time—but about forecasting results.

We believe if you can track results you also can forecast them.

Watch the video. I hope you are enlightened. 


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