Of the 80 million Facebook™ Business Pages in the U.S., only 13% of those companies are doing paid advertising on FB.

That means 87% are not doing any FB advertising. In our experience, 20% of the 87% will be out of business within 6 months, roughly 10% of them will kick in some advertising, and the rest either don't need to advertise of haven't gotten to it.

For $1 per day, you don’t have to be a bad statistic.

Disclaimer: If you want to quickly and strategically demolish your competition, you can launch much more expensive campaigns, reaching huge audiences, and many companies do. But if you’re nervous about big commitments, here’s some secret sauce for you.

Step 1) Start with a Page and a BM

“BM” in FB lingo means “business manager account.” Go to your FB personal page and create a page for your business if you don’t have one.

Next, go to business.facebook.com and create an account (the "BM"). You’ll use this account for all your FB and Instagram advertising.

Next, hunt for "billing" in the main menu and add your credit card so FB can get paid.

Step 2) Create a Pixel

From your BM’s menu, select “Pixels.”


You or your web person will need to install the Pixel code into your website.

Step 3) Create a Custom Audience

Go to “Audiences.” Click “Create Custom Audience.”


(Note: Your dashboard may look differently than the image above, and if you haven’t yet installed your Pixel, you’ll be prompted to do so.)

  • Create your custom audience using Website Traffic.
  • Select 14 days as an attribution window. (Note: This means the longest any visitor will see your ad is 14 days.) You can set at 7 days, etc. Your goal is not to fatigue your audience, showing the same ad over and over forever. 
  • Name your audience something like, “14 days website views.”

Step 4) Create an Engagement Campaign

From your BM’s menu, select “Ads Manager.”

Create a new campaign using “Engagement” / Post engagement objective. From here, the wizard will walk you through all the steps needed for you to create an ad.

Step 5) Create an Adset

Be sure to use the audience you just created. In the adset this will be a “saved audience.”


Set your budget at $1.00 / day.


Hit “Continue.”

Step 6) Promote your Content in an Ad

You may have been wondering, “how am I going to get business out of this?” Good question. This is where so many fall flat on their face. Sorry, now comes the less than get ‘er done in 5 minutes part.

You’ve got something of value right? You’re selling a really great product or service, you’ve got an edge on your competition, you have something to boast about, you can do something no one else does, or you’re doing something similar to everyone else, but you just do it better. Right?

Here’s where you need a piece of content—ideally. This could be a great article, blog, web page, etc.

It’s extremely important that you position yourself as helping, not selling. This the idea for the article you're going to promote. If you do not have such a piece of golden content, now’s the time to stop reading this and go create the content. Could be a 5 minute video of you telling someone how to nail a shingle to their roof the correct way—anything of value.

The result is that you are building brand affinity. You are positioning yourself as an expert in your field. When your prospects are ready to buy, who are they going to buy from? The one with the most expertise. How are you going to get the word out that you are the expert? Facebook™, that's how. 

Once you have published that content, blog or whatever, you need to post it to that FB business page you created.

Back to our $1.00 FB ad: Hit “Select Post.” Here’s where you’re going to advertise that glorious piece of content you created.



Now, when someone happens to view any page of your website, they are going to see a FB ad in THEIR news feed promoting your awesome piece of content.

So now, for $1.00 / day, you are doing FB advertising. Properly, you are doing retargeting because you are only showing ads to those who have visited your website.


Congrats! You just created a dirt-cheap retargeting campaign that will drive traffic to your content. But what if you wanted to do more?

You easily could create more content and run additional adsets at $1.00 / day. Thus, if you had 10 pieces of content, you’d spend no more than $10 / day.

There are other things you could do. You could create a “conversion” campaign and promote the same piece of content to a cold audience within your demographic.

The possibilities are endless. But what’s important here is not being a statistic, not being the 87% who are doing nothing.

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