I'm giving away some “secret sauce.”

Facebook™ promotions involve a lot more than just running ads. As a statement, nothing could be more accurate.

While Facebook™ is about running ads, your goal should be to acquire customers—not just run some ads.

We use many strategies to deliver results for our clients. In this blog I'm sharing one that, with mods and creativity, can be very effective. 

Our “Hyper-3” funnel is a funnel we developed first for coaching, then modified it for healthcare clients. It easily can be used for any company needing to attract leads to book sales calls.

Minimum Software Requirements

  • FB Business Manager & Ad Account.
  • Landing pages – Click Funnels.
  • A Messenger Bot App.
  • Zapier or the ability to create APIs.
  • Google Sheets or CRM - with API functionality.
  • Email software, e.g. MailChimp - with API functionality.

The “Hyper-3” Funnel Map

FB Ads Lead Flow-Hyper-3 Funnel

Download file above

How the “Hyper-3” Works

  • You first need to test audiences to see which one will work best, or more efficiently. (Meaning delivering the best ROI).
  • You’ll run ad sets and ads off of your better performing cold audience.
  • Exclude those who’ve already purchased, using FB pixel standard events.
  • Once a lead opts in, the lead is enrolled in an email sequence to “nurture” them before sales can contact them.
  • For retargeting, the Messenger Bot enrolls everyone who either clicked on something, visited your landing page, or visited your website but has not become a lead yet. You also can include social proofing, targeting those in your FB “likes” warm audience groups.
  • The APIs add leads (conversions) to a spreadsheet or CRM.
  • Once a lead is converted into a customer or patient, activity within the spreadsheet or CRM stops the email sequence—no need to continue to send emails; the person has become a customer.



The above is one actual screen shot from a dental practice's ad account in Wake County, NC. They are getting 3-5 leads per day, at a CPL of less than $10. National benchmark for dental leads is $20. 

"Actual Results May Vary"

You're seen the disclaimers: "actual results may vary..." If you're DIYing, no worries.

If you're not DIYing, you many not want to jump in with both feet right away before you prove it to yourself. You first can do an affordable "test." Our test is a one-time "RapidFire™ process, takes about two weeks, you should get results, but better, you can set your own expectations and not bank off of all the crazy junk you read on FB and in blog posts.

Let's be transparent about this. While FB by far will give you the most bang for the buck, most of our clients will want to see actual results before they take a deeper dive. 

What's In It for Me?

There is only one good reason to engage in Facebook™ advertising: Growing your company or practice. If you’re at capacity, overworked, understaffed, or about to retire, you’ve read too much of this blog already.

If you want to grow, you should want:

  • More business.
  • More business at the best possible ROI.

ROI is a numbers game. I’ve blogged a lot about this.

Simply speaking, if you’re selling a $500 widget, and getting leads for $10 a pop, and it takes you 5 good leads to sell one of your $500 things, your CPA is $50 and your ROI on revenue is 10x. This should be a no-brainer for you and cause you to want a good FB campaign yesterday. 

Want to know more? Don't want to DIY?


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