You’re probable expecting me to say, “publish a blog, post on social media, and redo your website.” Old news. I’ve said these things before and so have 10,000 other people.

Your biggest win will be to get organized... or better organized than you are now.

Sure, you can hire an agency to handle all your digital construction marketing. But the agency is not going to follow up on sales leads—unless you’re planning to outsource your entire sales department. 

The primary purpose of marketing is to funnel leads to your sales department who, in turn, can close those leads into paying customers.

1) Use a CRM

If you’re not living inside your CRM, that’s bad. Don’t have a CRM? That’s worse.

Graphic image of crm showing its benefits for digital construcion marketingBy “living inside,” I mean just that. You should be using a CRM for:

  • Managing all your contacts and leads
  • Communicating with your leads. This means using your CRM to log emails or even send emails if it has that capability.
  • Managing deals. Deals means different things to different companies. Typically, deals occur when a lead reaches a lifecycle stage of being sales qualified. A sales qualified lead has indicated a readiness to buy but still needs more pre-sales help to sell the lead on your company or project parameters.
  • Email marketing. Got something you want to communicate? A good CRM will replace your current email marketing client by enabling you to create, segment, and automate email marketing lists.

There are 1,000s of CRM apps on the market. It’s not as much which CRM that you use, it’s that you find one that works for you and you and your sales team use it for everything.

We think there are only two CRMs to consider: Hubspot CRM and Salesforce. We are Hubspot CRM fans for many reasons:

  • The Hubspot CRM does everything above and much more.
  • There is no huge learning curve. Get it, get a little training, begin using it your first day.
  • You can save views and filters making the Hubspot CRM a super-fast and easy to use asset for your digital construction marketing
  • It’s free.

Salesforce is costly, but if you have a multi-national company, for example, and you need to set up location-based CRMs, you’ll appreciate having Salesforce.

2) Develop a Plan

It’s important to develop an agile plan for your digital construction marketing initiatives. At a minimum, here’s where to start:

  • Decide on a frequency for everything, blogging, social posting, email marketing. Stick with this.
  • Utilize your lists efficiently. It’s important to segment. If you have a lead base whose interested in design-build, don’t bother these leads by sending them generic promotional emails. Email them when you think you have something of interested to that segment.
  • Chunk out your marketing plan by using campaigns. For example, if you’re focusing on design-build, write a dozen blog articles on some sub-topics, using keywords that compliment your main, design-build
  • Meet with your sales staff to keep them in the loop of what you’re doing. This is called, "Smarketing." If your goal is to increase inbound leads, your sales department should be kept in the loop. A strategy that does not encompass a full funnel is worthless; if you’re planning to increase leads, your company’s sales department needs to be prepared with their own plan of action.

3) Utilize Your Best Channels

Do you follow digital construction marketing trends? That’s good but there is one thing better.

What works for everybody else may not work as great for you. It’s good to follow trends, but better to adopt what’s working for you.

To know what’s working and what’s not, you need to be watching metrics. This means you must have one or more reporting tools monitoring your marketing activity, such as Google Analytics.

If what I just wrote discouraged you, welcome to the crowd. To date, I have not met one marketer who adequately uses Google Analytics. At most, users watch website traffic, but that’s it, and many don’t even have a GA account associated with their website.

For a few hundred dollars per month, you can get a marketing tool like Hubspot offers and tell at a glance how your marketing is going. Simple.

Once you have the data, focus on what’s working.

Example: Say you’re writing a blog and posting links to articles on several social media networks. You notice more traffic is coming to your website from one of those networks. What do you do? Interact more aggressively on that one network.

Then continue to watch metrics and be rewarded for your efforts. It’s not that hard!


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