Of the hundreds of marketers and entrepreneurs we’ve worked with over the years, we've identified seven major pitfalls that keep companies from having success with Facebook™ performance ads

Of the various digital marketing platforms, the Facebook™ ads platform is the channel of choice when it comes to producing the best results in profit growth.

If you have not had success with FB, it is because you've fallen into one or more of the pitfalls below. Any of these pitfalls are recoverable. To recover and have success, you'll simply need to pull out of these business-killing pitfalls. 



1) Not Willing to Invest

This an anomaly with FB performance marketing, more than other channels. This issue is the #1 killer of success. This, and #2 below, are the two main issues that keep 9 out of 10 companies from success. These are mindset issues. 


  • You can spend $500 (or less) to grow a $50,000 business. 
  • The FB platform is free, FB as social media is free, so the ads are nearly free.


  • FB ads are an auction process. You are bidding against your competitors. You are bidding for leads and you also are bidding for quality of leads.
  • If your ad spend is not high enough, FB will supply you with leads while your competitors get the better leads.
  • There is no "test." If your goal is to "test the waters" and see if FB works you'll surely fail because you aren't committing enough of an investment to hit the auction to produce the results you want. 

Companies don't hesitate to spend $3,000 to $5,000 for a basic website or up to $40k or more for a high performance agency website but only want to spend a fraction for a FB ads platform. 

If you were to ask, "which will produce more?" We'll say, "you need both and you need to invest in both."

2) Not Having Product to Market

FB is just a media delivery system. That’s all. If you have something to sell that people want, great. But if what you’re selling is confusing or unclear, no amount of ad spend will cure that issue.

You may need to fix your branding before you spend dime venturing into digital marketing.

3) Not Giving it Enough Time

Facebook™ (and about every other digital platform) runs on an “optimization window.”

Through the end of Q1, 2018 we were saying, "If you try FB ads for less then three months, you surely will fail." Now we're saying exactly the same thing for every digital platform: "Start yesterday and never quit." 

Like your website, FB is the long game. The time to enter the digital age is now.

4) Running Ads vs. Hitting Your Goals

You can run FB ads for $1 per day. You’ll get some results, but you won’t hit your goals.

FB will encourage you to run ads. You know those “boost your post” popups? Don’t ever do that. Ever.

This is a business mindset issue. If you’re thinking “ad spend,” you won’t hit your goals—you’ll never spend enough money. If you’re thinking ROI and “investment,” you have a better chance to hit your profit goals.

5) Taking a Course so You Can DIY

Nice idea, right? Of the hundreds of people we've spoken with, even those who spend $10k on a course, no one succeeds. Ever.

Here’s why: FB’s algorithm changes frequently. Thus, if you spend three months on a course, FB will have changed their algo several times while you are enrolled in the course. So you end the course, and what you learned is either out of date, or can't seem to apply to your business in the first place.

6) Hiring a Budget FB Marketer

There are 10 million “FB experts” in the U.S. alone. You can go on Upwork and find even more of them, and find them really cheap. Take a Udemy course and you're an "expert."

Would you hire a mechanic who's taken an online course to build you a new car? Probably not. Cars have millions of parts. The FB platform has millions of choices for optimization.

Most FB “experts” will not know:

  • How to install a pixel.
  • What standard events vs custom events do.
  • How to split test or even what that is.
  • How to run audiences in FB.
  • How to rapid test ad performance.
  • What a “cracked” funnel is.
  • How to optimize.
  • How to retarget.
  • How to set ad spend.
  • How to hit your profit goals.

And the list goes on. Missing just one of the bullet points above will wreck havoc on your results. The FB ads platform is a complex, data-driven machine. It will always get you there if it's driven correctly.

At best, going the budget route may result in “getting a few sales” but not “hitting your growth goals.” At worst, the process will utterly fail and you'd be better doing it yourself and failing.

7) Ignoring Other Digital Platforms

Like marketing and branding issues, ignoring other digital platforms can be suicidal.

It would be a mistake to start running FB ads when your website is not up to par. Once you start advertising, a significant percentage of people will see your ads but first check out your website to see if you look legit. If you don’t, you’re spending on FB in vain, your CVR will drop, and you’ll say, "FB didn't work for me."

At a minimum, your website should convey:

  • Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Why should someone buy from you and not a competitor? Surely not because you have good "customer service."
  • Clear branding—what is your business? If a stranger cannot clearly understand why you’re in business after a 5 second glance at your website, you’re in trouble. And you should test this on mobile. 
  • Social proof. Testimonials, videos, case studies. These need to be believable.
  • SEO. This is what everyone ignores today thinking it's outdated. Did you know that people who search and find your website are free leads? Do you want free leads?

Aside from the all-important business website, there are other digital channels you might consider:

  • Inbound marketing / content marketing / blogging.
  • Google Adwords.
  • YouTube.
  • Linked In.
  • Pinterest.


Winning with Facebook™ ads is rewarding if you avoid the common pitfalls above. If you insist in trying to create your own path, you surely and utterly will fail, and you only have yourself to blame, not FB, and probably not an agency.

If however, you don't mind making a modest investment, FB ads can pay huge dividends in ROI and growth. 

Many companies are just now making the jump into digital marketing. We know it can be a scary and confusing transition. But you know digital marketing has the enormous potential of creating years of success for you. Avoid the pitfalls above and head toward success!



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