[Video] Thorough Overview of the Hubspot Sales Professional and CRM
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This video is the most thorough overview of the Hubspot Sales Professional and CRM on the Internet. It's a companion to my post covering reasons why you should be using Hubspot Sales Professional.

By spending approximately 20 minutes digesting this video, you’ll be able to buy Hubspot Sales Professional and begin using it and customizing it immediately.

Our goal: To help you crush your quota in a whole new way!

  1. By capturing inbound leads
  2. By using tools to organize those leads and convert them into opportunities
  3. And by tracking and closing those opportunities using Deals.

The video is comprised of a number of vignettes, each designed to get you going with the software’s respective feature set. Here’s an outline of the video’s content:

1) Why You Should Be Prioritizing Inbound Leads

Inbound leads still are the most cost-effective way to get new prospects into the top of your funnel. Hubspot Sales Professional offers a great deal of tools to help you manage new leads and nurture leads already in your funnel.

Before the Internet, the sales process centered around the sales person, not the customer. Today, in most cases, the customer drives the beginning stages of the sales process. He or she is the one taking the first step, not the sales person who use to do cold calling or rely on traditional advertising.

Because most new leads arrive electronically, it’s important to have a solid way to manage them.

2) How to Use Hubspot Forms

Need to capture leads on your website? The best (if only) way to do this is to use a lead-capture form. Hubspot forms are simply to create and use.

All data from a form is synced right into the Hubspot CRM so you’ll be able to manage the contact data you collect. Hubspot also includes “smart” fields in forms that auto-populate existing contact data into a form, reducing the need for visitors to add redundant contact information.

3) Using Lead Flows

How many times have you visited a website only to have a pop-up obliterate the screen with some message like, “Subscribe to our email list!” And before you even read the pop-up, you “X” out of it.

Lead flows are a very graceful way to accomplish something similar. You can use a Lead Flow to capture subscribers, or use one for a quick survey, or a simple question: “Did you find what you were looking for?” It’s a nice tool, included with the Hubspot software.

4) Why Use Hubspot Messages

Hubspot Messages is a live chat tool. While you can go out and buy a stand-alone service, Hubspot Messages is a high-end app that’s included with Hubspot Sales Pro.

Messages is very flexible. You can create any number of chat apps within the software. And best of all, data is synced to our CRM and chats are automatically directed to a specific sales person, if one is present.

5 ) Creating and Using Messages

The video covers enough information to get you up and running in minutes. While email is a bit dated, and it’s hard to connect via phone, chat is a third way to quickly connect with potential customers.

6) The Value of the Hubspot Prospects Tool

Ever want to know who visited your website, how much time they spent on it, and which pages they looked at? The Prospects Tool is a very easy to use app that will do that and even send you an alert when a key lead comes back to your website.

7) Using All the Lead-gen Tools Together

This is the advantage of not just buying a CRM, but buying a software suite. All the tools talk to one another, making your sales process much more efficient.

8) The All-Important Contacts Database and CRM

In this video, you’ll get a deep dive into the CRM and how the Contacts database can revolutionize your sales process.

Rivaled only by SalesForce, the Hubspot CRM is a very powerful, affordable, and easy to use tool. Learn all about how to use it in this video.

9) Adding Contact Records Automatically

This is a major pain point for sales people: Adding contacts. “I’ve got a CRM, but it’s a pain to have to add all these new contacts.” No worries, the Hubspot CRM can do it all automatically.

10) The Relationship Between Contacts, Companies, and Deals

Contacts, Companies, and Deals comprise the major components of our overview of the Hubspot Sales Professional and CRM. Learn how they all work together.

11) Managing Contacts in the Hubspot CRM

Not all leads are destined to become customers. The most time is wasted by sales teams on leads who will never buy. Learn how to sift out the viable leads from those you really should not be following up on.

12) Filtering CRM Views

This feature is fun and super easy. If you have thousands of leads to manage, you’ll want to create and save filters so you know while leads deserve the majority of your time. Those are the ones more likely to buy.

13) Customizing Contacts Properties

Hubspot comes with an enormous number of stock properties. But what if you don’t find one that works for your company? Simple: Just create a custom one and use it for all your contacts.

14) Using Custom Views and Task Queues

Larger companies will appreciate this feature. You can create custom queues of tasks allowing you to streamline your lead follow-ups. You can save these views for just the leads you’re responsible for, or loop in your entire team.

16) Creating and Using Email Templates

Annoyed by the repetitive nature of emails? Or have you ever received an email the looks like it was generated from a template? Email Templates is an amazing, powerful and easy to use feature.

17) Emailing Contacts Using Filters and Templates

Need to send a similar email to many contacts? No worries. Just filter your contacts and send emails using templates.

18) Using Hubspot Deals Stages

Whether your company focuses on Account Based Marketing or you’re targeting certain Personas, Hubspot Deals is the solution to managing those potential sales, forecasting close numbers, and creating reports.


Ready to buy? You can buy directly from Hubspot of from us. If you buy from us, we'll review your sales process and set up your Deals for you. Are you ready?


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