Why Have It and How to Install It

The Facebook “pixel” is a tracking code, pure and simple, and it’s totally free. (For those who need to know, it's actually a 1px non-displaying image that shows up on every page of the website you're tracking).

So, you have a Hubspot website (or any website platform for that matter)? But you (currently) have no intention of running Facebook ads?

No worries—but still, you should install a Facebook pixel into your Hubspot website asap, today if possible. Here’s why:

1) Track Visitors and Collect Data

You may or not be spending on Google Adwords but you probably have installed Google Analytics tracking, right? The Facebook Pixel will do all that Google Analytics will do but with a focus on Facebook.

Why Facebook?

  • Facebook is a social media platform with almost 2 billion active users.
  • There are over 65 million Facebook business pages.
  • Facebook is a social media platform, a platform for digital display advertising, and a search engine all in one.

There is a little war going on between the two major players: Google and Facebook. While Google+, as a social media platform may have questionable worth and suffers (badly) in social media market share, Google as a search engine is still very formidable.

But while Google can boast (as of today) of having more search users, Facebook can boast having more users actively sharing information. In other words, maybe you should focus on the quality of a digital network, as well as volume.

2) Get Sales

This is why you’re doing anything on digital media, like blogging, posting on social, doing inbound, right? To get sales.

Once you install a Facebook pixel into your Hubspot website, that little bit of code will start tracking user data. There is one telling reason to install your pixel right away: The day you begin running Facebook ads, you can begin getting immediate results by retargeting leads using the data your pixel has been collecting.

Remember, the Facebook pixel is free, and so is the data collection. Where else in the digital realm can you begin a campaign and get immediate results? Nowhere. So please, install a Facebook pixel into your Hubspot (or other) website platform asap!

How to install a Facebook pixel into your Hubspot Website

There has been some debate on the best way to install a Facebook pixel into your Hubspot website. What I’m going to show you works, is the way to do it, and it’s the way we do it.

1) Create Your Pixel

If you’re new to Facebook ads or tracking, here are some preliminary things you’ll need:

  1. You need a website.
  2. You need a Facebook business page. A business page is a page that resides within your personal Facebook account. A Facebook business page is not your user account page—the page you post the pictures of your cat to, and it’s not another user account you create.
  3. You need to create a Facebook Business Manager account.
  4. Create the pixel—stop at step #4; only follow steps 1, 2, 3.

2) Install Your Pixel Onto Your Hubspot Website [Short video tutorial]


How to install a Facebook pixel into your Hubspot Website



Now you're off to a great start! After a few days, try logging back into your Facebook Business Manager account > Analytics. You'll catch a glympse of all the great data your new Pixel is collecting! 

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