Crush Your Competition with our Business Discovery Game Plan

Attract Leads, Remove Bottlenecks, Grow Your Business.
Revolutionize Your Marketing.

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Our Business Discovery Game Plan utilizes our Fluid Dynamic Funnel™ process to remove all the friction buyers normally encounter with digital advertising promotions. We apply strategic solutions to your website, social, branding, SEO, even your sales process, enabling you to grow and scale without all the typical headaches you get with most digital campaigns.



Business Process Audit

You know, if anything in your business is not working, nothing is working. These are bottlenecks. They can affect anything. If you have a bottleneck in your sales funnel or processes, you may get a few leads, but you won't hit your growth goals.

business-intelligence-auditBusiness Intelligence Audit

We'll burn down consulting time learning all about your business. We'll want to learn things such as: Your target market nightmares and miracles, we'll do a massive buyer persona discovery, we'll want to capture all your trigger words, and what has or has not been working for you. 

website-traffic-auditWebsite Traffic Review

Every aspect of growth is driven by traffic. Targeting and lead magnets generate traffic. We'll go though every aspect of your website and online presence, running SEO reports, looking at branding, to make sure your online assets can manage both volume and conversions. 

marketing-advertising-strategyMarketing and Advertising

We'll develop a custom strategy for your marketing and advertising Campaigns, including Facebook/Instagram advertising, PR activities, and customer nurture.

Business-Discovery_funnel-mapping_3Conversion Funnel Mapping

One of the final stages in our Business Discovery Game Plan: Mapping our Fluid Dynamic Funnel™ for your business. You'll understand how best to leverage various advertising channels and what you should expect out of each one. 

The Business Discovery Game Plan

We'll present to you a 45-50 page PDF that will be your road map to success. 

GamePlan-Table-of-ContentsAt the end of the process, you’ll take away a clear road map that details all of the elements that need to be created and the systems that need to be configured.

The Business Discovery Game Plan clearly lays out the action steps you need to take in order to remove friction in your funnel, realize your sales and growth goals, and crush your competition. 

It also identifies the marketing campaigns that should be created to achieve the level of success you want. The end result is a complete strategy created by a unified team that is 100% centered around the questions that your buyer personas are asking and their common objections.

Your Business Discovery Game Plan is critical for success.