• Inbound Marketing Strategies that result in lowest cost per lead

    Inbound Marketing Strategies that result in lowest cost per lead

Any Good Goal Needs a Strategy

Our first step in working with you is to develop an Agile plan. But unlike many other agencies, we don’t waste your money developing a huge annual blueprint that you're stuck with. We’re more interested in starting quickly, watching the data, and making fluid changes as they are needed. 

Hubspot inbound executive playbook for inbound marketing at Cohort Marketing

Your Custom Inbound Journey

Every company – and every vertical has specific marketing needs and challenges. Working with you as your partner for success is our labor of love. No one would begin a long journey without a map or GPS. Our stregic plan is just that: a directional map to your future success.

Developing your Target Base

The foundation of inbound marketing is targeting your key customer base. We take a fanatical approach to persona development because, if done in a half-baked way, even the best engineered inbound campaigns won’t produce the conversion ratios they should.

Our Plan - Your Success

The inbound marking tactics we’ll develop will be easy for you to understand, and simple to execute, and will fit into your marketing budget. Our end goal is to delight you without causing the stress normally associated with working with a digital agency.


A Plan Built Upon Your Goals and Data

Getting to know the needs of your business requires a lot of information from you. We’ll need to get inside your head—literally becoming part of your marketing team. We’ll then take your raw data and develop each step of our Agile inbound strategy. Because you have a big role in sourcing the data, your plan will be as individual as your company is.




The Inbound Engine

Cohort Marketing inbound roadmap for playbookWhile many agencies focus on deliverables such as blog posts and landing pages, we focus on these things last. Once we have a plan in place, you’ll know exactly what kinds of resources should be developed, and what each one should do.

And with a Hubspot user portal, you’ll have all the metrics to track everything related to inbound marketing and sales.