Hubspot CRM affords a tremendous degree of customization

The Hubspot CRM and marketing suite allows an extensive degree of customization to accommodate most of your sales and marketing challenges.

Because of its intuitive interface and extensive feature set (and it’s free), the Hubspot CRM ranked as the third fasting growing app for 2016 over thousands of other SaaS apps in the marketplace.

This tutorial covers three important processes that, linked together, can be used in your sales and marketing to make your life a little easier. 
  • If you only have the free Hubspot CRM, you still can use the first part of this tutorial to add contact properties you can use for your sales team. 
  • If you have the full Hubspot marketing suite, you can go on to using this process in your marketing as well as sales CRM dashboard.

A Hubspot Contact Property is the term Hubspot uses for any identifier in your database. These identifiers add detail you can use to segment your contacts, companies or deals to enhance your sales and marketing tasks.

Goal: Email All Decision-Makers in My Database

In this case, my goal is to be able to send an email to all decision-makers in my database. To do so, I am using a custom property and list segmentation.

Custom contact properties can be assigned using forms, but before you use marketing automation, you must manually create the property. Let's go:

Step 1) Open your Sales Dashboard

Just click on “sales” in upper right hand dropdown.

Add contact property to the Hubspot CRM

Step 2) Click "Settings"

It's on the main menu bar. Make sure you're in the "Sales" dashboard if you have the full Hubspot suite.

Step 3) Click New Contact Property

  1. You now should be on the "Contacts Settings" screen.
  2. Click the "Manage" button adjacent to "Edit your contact properties or add new properties."
  3. Click, "Create new property."

Create a Hubspot CRM Contact Property and Use it in Your Marketing


Step 4) Create the Property

The Hubspot CRM screen shown below should now be visible. Replicate each of the four selections shown

Add a custom contact property to the Hubspot CRM

Make sure the field, "Use in forms?" remains set to "YES." This feature allows you to add this contact property to a form, thus capturing additional lead intelligence.


Add Contact Property to your Hubspot CRM

Let’s now add our new “decision-maker” property to the CRM. The purpose of this task is so that you or anyone else on your sales team will see this additional piece of lead intelligence about a contact.

Step 1) Click on a Any Contact in Your Database

Then, scroll down to the "View all properties" button.

Hubspot CRM view properties button

Step 2) Click, "Set default properties"

Hubspot CRM set default properties button

Step 3) Select Your Default Property(ies)

  1. Scroll down and find the property you just created.
  2. Select it (and any others you'd like to see in your CRM).
  3. Click "Save changes."

Customize Hubspot CRM view properties

Two things now will happen:

  1. You just added "Decision-maker" to this contact.
  2. You set the default fields for all contacts in your CRM.

To activate the "decision-maker" field, click any contact and "turn on" the decision-maker property. (It will default to nul.)

Optionally, you can manage the view order of your CRM properties using the drag and drop column shown in the above screen shot. 


Create a List Using Your New Contact Property

Step 1) Go to Lists Menu

Go to your Marketing Dashboard and select "Marketing," then "Lists" under the "Contacts" menu item. 

Hubspot CRM and marketing portal create list dialog

Step 2) Click, "New list"

Create your list, replicating the settings shown in the screen shot below

Don't forget to name your list using some logical naming convention.

Create a new Hubspot list


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John Pate, Chief Marketing Scientist

Written by John Pate, Chief Marketing Scientist

John is owner and founder of Cohort Marketing. He is a regular contributor to various online media and is a featured speaker at key marketing events in the Raleigh - Durham area.

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