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We take all the guesswork out of the equation. Make your branding look good while providing clear conversion paths so that people visiting your site can become leads. Our websites are fully optimized (SEO) and fast-loading. It's like hiring a 24/7 sales person who never is late and never calls out sick.



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Sell Online with Shopify©

We've got you covered

Selling online today is complicated and frustrating. Just launcing an e-comm website alone won't get you to the top of the heap. 

Why us?

  • We build on Shopify—Custom themes, custom plugins, APIs, email templates—the works.
  • Then, we use Facebook DPA ads to pull in people to your sales pages. 
  • And finally, retargeting to increase your ROI and close ratios.
  • Add a Hubspot website or blog into the mix for a full-funnel solution.

Your Old, Outdated Website Is Costing you Sales

Google Preferred: LaunchPad™ Small Business Websites

Our LaunchPad™ websites are backed by our exclusive Google Preferred platform that is fully aligned with the search giant’s best practices for creating websites with the best possible load times. Make sure you understand what sets your websites apart from the competition.

Sites with high PageSpeed scores experience:

  • Lower Bounce Rate - 35% Lower Bounce Rate
  • Higher Engagement - 60% More Page views
  • More Time On Site - 70% Longer Sessions

Mission-Critical: Why a Fast-Loading Website Means More Business

SEO Advantages

Google cares a lot about speed and has used load times for positive ranking since 2010—it's just that most web developers have ignored this. More recently, Google announced site speed is now a ranking factor on mobile, as well.

Conversion & Engagement

In addition to the SEO benefits improved pagespeed brings, conversion and engagement improves as well. 

  • More Time On Site — 70% Longer Sessions*
  • Lower Bounce Rate — 35% Lower Bounce Rate*
  • Higher Engagement — 60% More Page views*
  • Competitive Advantage — 77% of Websites Take More than 10 Seconds to Load on Mobile*
  • More Customer Conversions — 7% Less Conversions for Every Second It Takes to Load*

*Source: Google: The need for mobile speed: How mobile latency impacts publisher revenue

Sample website templates

LaunchPad™ Websites: A Cohort Marketing exclusive.

We challenge you to find a faster, more robust website platform.

Hubspot CMS

Need More? Upgrade to a Hubspot© Premium Marketing Website



Hubspot Platform

  1. WYSIWYG: “What You See Is What You Get.”
  2. Create and edit pages and posts that, when published, look exactly as the edited versions.
  3. Deliver targeted "smart" content, not just any content.
  4. 12 column, flexible grid responsive design.
  5. Customizable blogging template.
  6. As easy to edit content as Facebook.
  7. Drag and drop template functions.
  8. Global hosting on a CDN server: Fast loading from anywhere on the planet.
  9. A full array of templates, including "404" and "500" error pages.




  1. Increased Domain Authority.
  2. SSL certificate included.
  3. Built-in, state-of-the-art SEO validator for all pages and posts.
  4. Built-in SEO reports.
  5. Lean, no bloatware: fast loading.
  6. Keyword tool, fully integrated.




  1. Fully integrated marketing platform with stunning Dashboard—your website and marketing are one.
  2. Marketing automation with smart lists, lead scoring, and triggering. 
  3. Blogging included. Setting up multiple blogs is included.
  4. CTAs, landing pages, thank you pages, forms—everything you need.
  5. Metrics and reporting.
  6. Campaigns and personas link to all marketing initiatives.
  7. Create email templates.
  8. Create both static and “smart” lists.
  9. Automate email sending.
  10. A fully functional CRM is included and linked to both sales and marketing databases.

Stress-Free Website Design


For most marketers, having to add a website redesign on top of all their other responsibilities is their worst nightmare. Because of that pain point, contracting for a website redesign often is put off until it’s an absolute necessity.

You know the drill: Search and search until you finally land a web design agency you feel you can trust. Next comes the painful process of trying to set a budget and working with the design agency to decide on the design and function.



Growth-Driven Design

Our Growth-Driven Design model eliminates all that pain forever. The Growth-Driven model begins with a “launch-pad” website that can be rolled out rather quickly. Then, continuous improvements are scheduled out for as long as you want.

Our Growth-Driven model is a revolutionary, Agile approach to web design. Because all aspects of the website are driven by your “wish list” and rolled out according to your timeframe and budget, all the stress that accompanies a traditional approach disappears.


Our design process is designed to deliver the best possible website in the shortest period of time

  1. We have a conversation.
  2. You fill out a form.
  3. We supply mock up(s).
  4. We build a draft website for you to preview.
  5. We launch your site live.
  6. We do one or more live training sessions so you know how to use your site.

Process, from start to finish: 72 hours to 60 days.

Hosting subscription required for any website or marketing plan. 

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