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What Are You Waiting For? Ditch Your Slow Loading, DIY, Clunky Freebie Website Today!

Google Preferred: LaunchPad™ Small Business Websites



Standard Features:

  • High-End, ZURB, Fully Responsive, SaaS Framework.
  • Deluxe theme included.
  • Home Page, About Page, Contact Form.**
  • Drag 'n Drop Interface.
  • SEO best practices for all your pages.
  • Stats and Analytics.
  • Google Mobile Optimized.
  • Pre-Designed Widgets—No Plugins to slow down your site!
  • SSL included (https).
  • Mobile Editing.
  • Robust CDN Ultra-Fast Hosting.
  • Unlimited Storage and Data.
  • Multi-Language Support.
  • Use YOUR Domain Name (you own it).
Fully mobile optimized


Not Cheap, Low Budget Websites

Years in the making. Fully extensible with APIs and programming interfaces, our websites are beautifully suited for any industry, from a small retailer to a major corporation. End your frustration with plugins that break or slow down your site or cheap hosting with data limits. Stop worrying about hackers, data theft, or site backups like with those "self-hosted" solutions. 

We've removed the price barrier, the design barrier, and the performance barrier.

We've thought of everything. So you don't have to. These are stunning websites at a prices 10x lower than our competition. How can we offer this? Simple: We've been building websites for 25 years. We know what we're doing. 

Still not convinced? Contact us and we'll email you a free sample website for your industry for you to check out. You'll be amazed. No hype. No pressure.

Tons of Options

Tell us what else you need and we'll build it for you. We're a custom shop. No job is too big or too small. If you have specific needs, just share them. We'll make it happen for you, typically at 10x lower cost than our competitors.

Our Most Popular Upgrades:

  • Custom design and theme work.
  • Blog theme.
  • Additional themes or pages.
  • Landing pages and conversion elements.
  • Custom logo.
  • Custom widgets.
  • Content migration.
  • Content creation or editing.
  • Additional SEO work for new content.
  • Royalty-free images, backgrounds, and graphics.
During your initial discovery, we'll quote you pricing for any additional elements you need so you can have a website you can be proud of. 


Cohort Marketing ecommece websites

Sell Online 

We've got you covered

Selling online today is complicated and frustrating. Just launching an e-comm website alone won't get you to the top of the heap. 

Why us?

  • We build Custom themes, custom plugins, APIs, email templates—the works.
  • Then, we use Facebook™ ads to pull in people to your sales pages. 
  • And finally, retargeting to increase your ROI and close ratios.
  • Add a Hubspot website or blog into the mix for a full-funnel solution.

The Data Doesn't Lie

Our New Websites Enhance Branding and ROI

Our Google Preferred LaunchPad™ websites are backed by our exclusive Google Preferred platform that is fully aligned with the search giant’s best practices for creating websites with the best possible load times. Make sure you understand what sets your websites apart from the competition.

Sites with high Google PageSpeed™ scores experience:

  • Lower Bounce Rate - 35% Lower Bounce Rate
  • Higher Engagement - 60% More Page views
  • More Time On Site - 70% Longer Sessions

Mission-Critical: Why a Fast-Loading Website Means More Business

SEO Advantages

Google cares a lot about speed and has used load times for positive ranking since 2010—it's just that most web developers have ignored this. More recently, Google announced site speed is now a ranking factor on mobile, as well.

Conversion & Engagement

In addition to the SEO benefits improved page speed brings, conversion and engagement improves as well. 

  • More Time On Site — 70% Longer Sessions*
  • Lower Bounce Rate — 35% Lower Bounce Rate*
  • Higher Engagement — 60% More Page views*
  • Competitive Advantage — 77% of Websites Take More than 10 Seconds to Load on Mobile*
  • More Customer Conversions — 7% Less Conversions for Every Second It Takes to Load*

*Source: Google: The need for mobile speed: How mobile latency impacts publisher revenue

Sample website templates

Build Process

Our Stress-Free Build Process is Fast and Simple:

  1. You contact us to have a conversation about your needs.
  2. You say, "go," and then jump on a call with our team leaders to discuss further needs and design requirements.
  3. You supply any new content you have. If your current content is on an existing website, we can import it.
  4. We go to work. Once we have developed a theme, we loop you in for changes, approvals. 
  5. Upon your final approval, we launch. Total time: About two weeks. 

LaunchPad™ Websites: A Cohort Marketing exclusive.

We challenge you to find a faster, more robust website platform.

What Are You Waiting For? 


*Terms: Limited time offer. Offer may or may not be repeated. Pricing shown is cost per month. First year 12 month contract and 12 month pre-payment required; thus, the minimum cost for your website for the first year will be $1,188, including all our standard features, hosting, secure https, software updates, support. Following first year, billing is month-to-month. Your credit card will be auto-charged. After first year, you may cancel at any time. Don't like these terms? Talk to us about what will work for you. We're in business to help you, not dictate your marketing or business plan. 
Upgrades: Contact us for upgrades and customizations. 
** We start you off with the design of your choice. Additional pages or styles easily can be created by us or you can create them using the drag 'n drop interface. Since our hosting has no data limits, you can grow your website to meet the future growth needs of your company.